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Why Brilic app is perfect for Bulgarian dating

Brilic app quickly became popular on all post-Soviet territory which made it one of the leaders in Eastern European dating and particularly, in Southeast Europe i.e. Bulgaria.
There are many reasons for this phenomenon and we’re going to reveal them. What makes Brilic so special and frequently chosen by beautiful Bulgarian women?
This part of the world, like all the others, needed the platform which would unite singles of different nationalities and help them match, in frames of international dating.
However, Tinder, Badoo and similar applications didn’t meet these people’s expectations. Although Russia and Bulgaria are greatly westernized already, the mentality is too different.
In these countries, liking or disliking someone just because of his / her appearance is considered rude. Profound and personal communication is more typical for them.
Brilic suits this natural necessity very well, since it’s not a swipe-based app. It offers detailed profiles, private chats and group chats, messaging, has certain features of social network.
All this makes it serious and thoughtful enough for all people of former Soviet territory who keep on being idealistic and value meaningful relationships, including Bulgarians.beautiful Bulgarian women
Interesting enough, these European nationalities have the same attitude when it comes to hookups and all kinds of casual interactions in general. They still prefer to talk and get personal.
Since Brilic serves both serious-minded seekers and fun seekers, it’s very convenient for all categories of users to discover more about each other and get appreciated in return.
On a top of that, Brilic gives more food for Slavic deep-thinkers by organizing a qualitative dating blog for its Russian-speaking users. It contains top helpful dating tips and hints.
This detail makes Brilic the absolute favourite in Bulgarian dating market as well as Russian, Ukrainian, Belarusian, Moldovan, Romanian and more. It strongly holds the first positions.
Finally, let’s not forget that in Bulgarian culture, a man is considered the main provider and the family leader, although the society is slowly transforming into the progressive one.
It takes place despite the fact that Bulgarian women have got higher salaries than Russian and Ukrainian women, the country economy has greatly stabilized, and feminist movement raised its head.
That’s why, subconsciously, Bulgarian girls keep on searching for a successful man who would lead them and make them feel special like a king does when he chooses a concubine.
For last decades, Bulgarian women have gained a lot of experience in international dating. They learned western men can also be simple workers who hardly make their ends meet.
They also learned some foreigners can give the wrong personal information and pretend to be better provided than they are. Sometimes it doesn’t even help to test men or ask them direct questions.
So, eventually, single girls in Bulgaria and Russia started to use mostly elite dating apps where a man pays for the membership more and confirms being financially secure in advance.


How to date Bulgarian girls on Brilic

There are many ways to attract a girl’s attention on Brilic if she is from Bulgaria. One doesn’t need to be too tricky or imaginative for succeeding in that, all is pretty simple.
• Use the beaches topic. They are fascinated by their local beaches, so tell them you’re delighted by them too, and ask to tell you as much as possible about those resorts.
• Discuss their culture. Learn just a few basic facts about Bulgarian history and talk about that. Also tell her you can’t wait to try the real Bulgarian bannitsa.
• Compliment their looks. It works for every nationality, and Bulgarians aren’t an exception. Tell her Bulgarian type of beauty is your absolute turn-on.
• Show your kindness. It includes many aspects: a nice attitude towards children, pets, respect towards your mother, ex-girlfriends, and women in general.
• Show your generosity. It’s well-known that men try to keep dating very low-budget, but at least on a courtship stage, present a rose, a teddy bear, or a chocolate bar.Bulgarian girls
• Make her feel special. Especially when it comes to the meeting in real, convince her for one hundred percent that you’re going to meet only her, and no one else.
• Make her dream. It always helps to show the pictures of your house, your city, and make projects together like where you two would visit in your city or country.
• Be the safest man. Smile, laugh, joke, make her feel comfortable and peaceful with you. It’s a very crucial factor for a girl that many men are in fact neglecting.
Bulgarian women are a bit similar to Greek girls: they love humour, good manners, hospitality, natural sexiness combined with the strong values and reliability.
They also have similarities with Turkish women: they want a man to be the leader, although in a modern way; they are strong, resourceful, ambitious, bright, determined, yet very feminine.
And for sure, you will find a lot in common with Ukrainian girls since these two nationalities actually used to mix for centuries. They are similar both in appearance and in character.
In a few words, both types of women are very hospitable, practical, loving, they cook like chefs, but they also make love like goddesses, being super sensual and passionate.
So if you previously dated any of mentioned nationalities, you’ll quickly recognize the same mentality and succeed in long-term dating or in hookups in Bulgaria.

How to breakup with a Bulgarian girl online

Bulgarian women rarely have any annoying traits like girls of some other nationalities. They all are nearly perfect, only sometimes short-tempered or too talkative.
Since they’re very beautiful, soft, feminine, and warm, there are actually no reasons to breakup with them. Unless you want to keep on dating new and new girls, of course.
Well, men often want that, so it makes sense to give some tips and hints on how to breakup with a Bulgarian girl. It’s always better to do that online, then it brings fewer negative emotions.
• Tell a girl directly you fell in love with another woman by complete surprise, and you never planned or wanted that. They’re too proud to continue talking.
• You can also say you still feel responsible to support emotionally and financially your ex-girlfriend or ex-wife. They are very traditional and they’ll respect that.hookups in Bulgaria
• If a woman wants kids, it will make a good effect to tell her you analyzed your wishes well and decided you aren’t ready for a moment to have a child.
• If you have noticed a woman was a bit materialistic, tell her you found yourself close to bankruptcy at the moment so it’s irresponsible to start a serious relationship.
You have to use these reasons in any combinations, because any other popular reasons won’t be accepted the way you think. Bulgarian girls are very loyal and they’ll want to stay with you anyway.
Also, it is absolutely not recommended to insult them, heavily criticize, argue in a rude manner, or abuse in order to breakup. Firstly, Bulgarian laws are pretty strict nowadays.
And secondly, although they don’t like revenge, they may write about a man’s bad actions in social networks, which is potentially harmful for his next relationship.
Bulgaria is a highly civilized country at the moment, so just be polite, respectful, calm, reasonable, and you’ll move towards your new affair easily, in a stress-free manner.

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