What Makes for a Successful Date?

A successful date for most people is one where they like the person that they are meeting, and the date goes well enough for them to want to fix up another date at a future time.  You can usually sense that this will happen by how easily the conversation flows between you and how in tune with each other’s interests you are.  By making sure that you don’t monopolize the conversation but spending time listening to what your date has to say about themselves, you learn whether or not you want them to ask you on another date – and even if you don’t, it’s still nice to be asked right?

Tips to Be Successful in Dating 2016

A successful date doesn’t have to be one that costs the earth.  It can be as simple as a moonlight stroll along the beach.  It could be a cup of coffee in a downtown coffee shop.  It could even be just a brown-bag lunch in the local park.  Successful dates aren’t dependent upon cash.  They are dependent upon flowing communication between two people.  Of course if you manage to get some chemistry going at the same time, then the date’s going to seem even more successful!

When you are getting ready for a date think about what you’d like to get from the date.  Do you want them to actually ask you on another date (or are you ready to ask them if they don’t ask you?), or do you want them to just say that they’ll ring you – and hope that they do or if you’re comfortable enough with them, do you want them to stay over for breakfast?  Don’t make the expectation too high because you have to remember that they will also have some expectation of their own that will depend on your actions during date, and high expectations are doomed for failure!

Don’t think too much about how to make your date successful, just know what you hope to get from the evening, enjoy the interaction with your date, and see what happens from there.

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