Do hookups only happen if you’re hot and of high standards

The society teaches us that only hot and successful singles are in high demand online and offline. If it was so, too many people would not hookup at all. Hotness is not the only one criterion.

  • Self-confidence. It is known that confident users on the hookup apps are attracting more attention than sexy but insecure ones. Not everything is based on a visual perception.
  • Positive vibes and humor. What do people want from casual sex apps? They usually want some relax. A fun and cheerful person shall always get more popular than boring ones.
  • Sense of style. High standards aren’t always about the money. If one is selective enough about online designs and his own clothes style, he’ll intrigue a lot of other users.
  • Flattering strategy. Having someone appreciate us is another kind of relax and anti-stress. It matters more to people than physical hotness and a prestigious spirit around the person.
  • Open-mindedness in sex. There’s no sense to admire a hot single who is full of taboos and stereotypes. Hookup apps are for having sex in best app, and openness is very attractive.

10 thoughts on “Do hookups only happen if you’re hot and of high standards

  1. The high-quality woman you are looking for should be able to give you the kind of pleasure you are looking for.

  2. In the same way, you should avoid addressing an email to a woman in her 20s if you want to attract a woman in her 30s.

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