Meet Single Women Online

How to Meet Single Women Online

Meeting single women online requires a bit more effort than you think, especially if you want to save yourself from endless trial and error. As you know, there are a lot of great single women dating online while others are not so great. Some aren’t who they say they are, use old photos, are entirely dishonest and don’t use their own photos at all and then there are the scammers thrown into the mix. Moreover, guys often ruin their chance with a woman with easily avoidable mistakes. Therefore, we’re going over all the details concerning how to meet single women online. Having knowledge on how to successfully date online will save you a lot of trouble down the line.

Pay Close Attention to Photos

When looking at pictures of single women, there are things you want to look out for. The first is checking out the variety of photos a woman has. Ideally, there should be a headshot or two as well as a full body photo, and a few that are just for fun. To put it simply, photos should give you a complete picture of what she looks like. Proceed with caution if there are nothing but headshots in her profile or if pictures look old or overly edited. Single women presenting their true selves in their profiles only have photos shot in natural light sans editing and tend to upload 3-5 on average to boost account activity.

Don’t Put Her on a Pedestal

Next, you want to avoid putting a woman on a pedestal too quickly. Oftentimes men do this in their initial messages to a single woman. They may feel the need to state how perfect she sounds and how they seem perfect for each other or ramble on about how attractive she is. Women appreciate sweet words to an extent but coming on too strong will creep women out rather quickly. Remember that you don’t know much about her so don’t act like you do.

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Nail the First Message

Guys make first messages more complicated than they are. Your only goal is standing out from other guys who message her. Mind you, you want to stand out in a positive way but that is all you need to trouble yourself with. To do that:

  • Read her profile to find anything that stands out. Perhaps she likes to paint or recently traveled to an exotic location.

Then remember to:

  • Share something about yourself.
  • Keep the tone light.
  • Limit the message to 2 to 3 sentences.
  • End the message with an open-ended question to help encourage a reply without sounding desperate.

It is really that simple!

Move Things Along

It doesn’t matter if you are dating Russian women online or decide to stay local, you want to move things along because women will not take on that role. When you meet a woman you like, move things forward by either asking her on a proper date or, if dating a woman from another country, start discussing travel plans so you can meet face to face. In addition to making it clear that you’re interested, women like it when a man takes charge so just go for what you want.

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Warning Signs

Lastly, let’s discuss some of the warning signs to be aware of when meeting single women online. In addition to the previously discussed advice concerning the pictures of single women included in their personal profiles, it is important to be aware of online scams. If you notice a woman trying too hard to progress the relationship or even more obviously, hinting at or directly asking for money, you’ve met a scammer. Other red flags that are less serious but best avoided are women who constantly message you and send follow up messages when you don’t respond fast enough (since that is a huge sign that she’s clingy) and be wary of women who use conversations with you to gripe about their life. She is probably a negative person which is what you don’t want to welcome into your life. finally, and this may sound cynical, but watch out for women who seem too good to be true. When this happens, everything may be as good as it seems which is ideal. People find their perfect match all the time! That being said, stay alert and consider moving on if something feels off. We have instincts for a reason.



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