What should my Tinder profile say to sound trendy

Tinder is for modern singles and that goes without doubts. So what is more important for the success there, being sexy or being stylish? In a today world, these two definitions are kind of equal.

So, plus to your hot profile photo that you surely can take within the best contemporary tendencies, also make sure your bio sounds trendy. Here is what you can do.

  • Brief and cool. Keep it real short but do not use the cheap slang. Remember only the slang of celebs and fashion magazines is allowed, and pls mind your grammar.
  • Proper smileys. If you mention your profession, preferably creative, add some smileys in between that correspond. Do not put silly ones that schoolgirls usually pick. On how hookup many singles wait for you.
  • Linkedin style works too. Again, it’s ok to show you’re a pro in any area. That is what trendy nowadays, staying stick to your vocation and being in a high demand.
  • Use colouring. You probably know the colours and shades make a big impact on one’s perception. Choose the neutral and cool ones you would select for your new car.

25 thoughts on “What should my Tinder profile say to sound trendy

  1. The first question people ask about the Tinder app is whether it’s just for singles looking for a casual fling, or if it’s something more useful, like a place to chat with other singles.

  2. The free version of the app allows you to browse through the profiles of other singles, and even offers a small amount of advice and dating advice to go along with the profiles.

  3. The paid version also allows you to browse other singles, but you may be restricted to sending private messages and making phone calls.

  4. For example, it makes it easy to find matches, since the service is designed to pair swipers with other compatible matches who have similar interests and values.

  5. Because it’s free to join and the matches are spontaneous, you don’t need to worry about searching through dozens or hundreds of profiles and trying to weed out those who don’t really match your needs.

  6. Also, the ease of use for users means that even those with little social skills and who don’t have many friends can still take part in the dating game.

  7. Since the service is designed to match swipers with compatible matches, there is always a good chance that someone will have the same interests as you, and that they’ll also like the same things that you do.

  8. The free version of the app also allows users to search for matches based on location, gender, age, hobby, or any other criteria that the service has available.

  9. So, if you’re single and haven’t yet tried online dating apps, here are some options you may want to check out:

  10. It’s also one of the fastest-growing dating sites, and even though it doesn’t have a huge membership, it offers excellent value to its members.

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